Fil-Am Becomes A Millionaire By Selling A Mobile App, Now Travels The World To Help Others – So Inspiring

Fil-Am Garret Gee, a 26-year-old family man who’s one of the masterminds of the mobile app Scan earns $54 million after selling it to the social media giant, Snapchat. Now, together with his family, they will be touring around the planet to help others change their lives.

Even with the great abundance he earned, Gee still studies in Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah. He’s not planning to give a blowout extravagantly to his family in expensive hotels.


How Gee Became A Millionaire
Gee and his co-founders spent about 6 months in developing the mobile scanning app. His first priority, to make their app very user-friendly. And yes! It’s a success! They sold the app to Snapchat for $54 million then split into parts. The app can automatically scan barcodes, QR codes, and NFC tags without pushing any buttons. Wow!


The free version of the Scan app became a sensation ad even surpasses the Angry Birds in the App Store top 10.

Now, there’s a decision the father of two has to make: either to settle down, or travel the world.

In a interview by Balitang America, Gee Said, “We’ll find some anonymous way to help another family in need or anonymously give back to others.”


Currently, the whole family already visited Australia, Tonga, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. But this 2016, they are planning to visit the Philippines.

“It’d be a really cool opportunity for us to just kind of do a tour of where our ancestors and parents came from,” Gee said.


Gee remains a student at BYU, a soccer player for his university, and living in a just apartment with his wife and two children even with the abundance.

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