30 Of The Best Surf Locations In The World

30 Of The Best Surf Locations In The World

Take your surfing to the next level. As we will give you the list of the top surf beaches spots that you should visit before its too late. Holidays are just around the corner and with all those weeks to fill why not get involved in something fun. Try to travel to some of these beautiful … Read more

Guys Scores A Perfect 10 Flip Surf – Unbelievable

gabriel medina

During weekends or even a vacation, many people would love to do some exciting activities just to escape from the stress at work. Many people will go to the beach and do things like surfing, Jet Ski rides, and many more. Surfing is among the most common things done at the beach especially during high … Read more

When Doggie Loves Surfing…Looks Really Adorable…

Our pets can be our great company when we’re in outings or out of town just relaxing in the breeze of the ocean. Dogs are known to be faithful to their masters. That’s why dogs are one of the most common pets people have in their homes. We really enjoy their company especially when they … Read more

This Incredible Guitarists Shreds His Guitar And Goes Surfing

Professional musicians are one of the most impressive performers that often amaze us every time they started showing some skills on public places. They practice well in order for them to perfect their skills; they are indeed inspirations to all aspiring musicians. Are you one of the guys who love seeing great musicians doing outstanding … Read more

Jamie O’Brien Busts Out The Board To Board Transfer

People who are doing some special tricks and stunts are truly impressive once they started showing their skills, they take a lot of time in practicing their stunt. The ones who are really outstanding in doing these tricks are the extreme players on land and water. If you love watching some videos of these extreme … Read more

Watch How This Guy Tried Solving Rubik’s Cube While Surfing

There are a lot of uniquely impressive talents in this world that we enjoy watching because it often amazes us. We sometimes dream of achieving one someday, that’s the reason why we practice a lot and train ourselves to perfect our acts. Extreme stunts on bike and skateboard are truly breathtaking when a daredevil flies … Read more