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When You Know How This Gadget Works — You Will Want Your Dog To Have This Too!

To exercise and entertain your four-legged friend, this game can be of great help! It is a gadget that continuously launches a ball, which must be replaced inside the green container. This Labrador dog seems to be initially confused about the gift that its owner has given it . . . But when it understands how it works, […]

Xena The Pit Bull Was A Rescued Dog. But What She Has Done To The Life Of This Little Boy Made Her A Hero!

It is through our experiences that we learn the meaning of life. We may be going through tough times but always know that everything happens for a reason and at the end of it, you’ll know your worth and purpose. Xena and Jonny were best friends, but they are not your typical BFF’s. Before they met, […]

What This Dog Looks Like Might Be Shocking. But Once You Know What Happened, It’s Just Amazing!

I really love dogs. But when my pet (a Japanese Spitz) died, I felt like I don’t deserve to own a new one – that I would not be good in taking care of animals and thinking that having another dog would just end up losing a pet again. While I was surfing the internet, […]

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