Dirt Biker Takes On The Challenge Of Performing Back-flip With Fireworks. Thumbs Up.

Men would sometimes consider the challenging sports and that doesn’t except riding on a dirt bike. But riding on a dirt bike is more than just controlling it and making your way through the street, there’s more to it that athletes reinvented that will surely drop your jaws.

Breathtaking as it is, but daredevils would come up with death-defying stunts and unstoppable flips that could stun anyone else from the audience. There are even shows for them.

And talking about dirt bike riding, this guy is not an understatement especially when it comes to showing his driving skills.

While riding at the State Fair Rodeo, this insane rider puts a little flare to his breathtaking performance. As he backflips through the air, sparkles of fireworks highlight it. This guy deserves your thumbs up!

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Video from YouView

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