Dreams About Snakes – Interpretations Based On The Color Of The Snake

What do dreams about snakes tell you? Here are the different interpretations.

DREAMS ABOUT SNAKES – Most of us dream about serpents and here are the different interpretations based on their colors.

Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias and this type of fear is called Ophidiophobia. And just the thought of it slithering somewhere is already nerve-wracking and spine-chilling. We also see some in our dreams and sometimes, dreams are so vivid that the mere sight of this creature sticks to our memory even after we’ve already woke up.

Dreams are mysterious and to dream about snakes is one of the most common dreams people experience. But in our dreams, the color of the snakes varies.

Now, what does it mean to dream about snakes? What are the interpretations based on the color?

  • Brown Snake

To dream about this snake means several things such as the desire for freedom from toxic people, a warning sign, running away from something, self-development, caution, betrayal, and significant changes.

  • White Snake

Having a snake dream and seeing a white one means a new beginning or transformation. This color has a lot of positive associations and white snakes in dreams could mean spiritual enlightenment, good luck, happiness, loneliness, and depressive feelings.

  • Black Snake

Had a dream about black snakes? It may represent inner darkness like guilt, gloom, or depression. It may also represent danger or difficulties in the future. In the Bible, snakes are evil and vile and the color black is often associated with evil as well.

  • Green Snake

This is usually associated with healing. A dark-skinned snake could mean philosophical healing while seeing a light-skinned snake may represent physical healing. It may also mean safety such as moving ahead without fear or worry.

A dream is a series of events that happen in the mind while sleeping and dreaming about this animal can have different meanings based on its color. Do you remember the color of the snake you dreamt of?

What can you say about this? Let us know!

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