Here Are The Facts That You Should Know About Stress Sweat And Gym Sweat.

Whether we perform our daily grinds or just go to the gym for our workout, we tend to sweat as it is a natural mechanism of our body to cool down. But does your sweat smell something stinky?

If that happens often, then there must be something you can do about your sweating. In here, you will find out why stress sweat smells worse than the gym sweat. More to that, we will also give you tips on how to deal with it effectively.

While we are aware that sweating is natural especially when we do things, we might have taken for granted the stress sweat and its stinky odor.

The difference between gym sweat and the stress sweat.

Gym sweat naturally doesn’t smell bad. It would come out plenty but it is primarily a combination of water, salt and potassium. Our glands all over our body secrete the gym sweat while the stress sweat is commonly produced by the glands in our armpit and groin where bacteria commonly develop.

The stress sweat that goes out of our glands doesn’t evaporate quickly which allows bacteria to develop. In the event of bacterial growth, a foul odor develops as they multiply with the nutrients.

How you deal with it

There are multiple ways on how to handle the stress sweat. While we can use deodorants, it can help reduce odor from stress sweat. There are deodorants which kill bacteria and there are which reduce the amount of your sweat.

Deodorants have active ingredients that react with the electrolytes in your sweat, creating a gel that blocks your sweat glands from secreting sweat. However, in choosing deodorants make sure you pick one which have natural ingredients and with subtle fragrances.

There are deodorants though that could stain our shirts. While so, there are natural remedies one could use to freshen up armpits where stress sweat is usually released. Lemons can also be used as deodorant. The citrus has purposes that will surprise you too.

Sweating is necessary especially for your excess to be naturally withdrawn. However, the type of sweat which stinks should be catered.


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