OFW’s Balikbayan Box Contents Replaced With Newspapers And Bundles Of Mail – Take A Look

balikbayan box

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in Hong Kong named Ailyne Gumabon recently sent a Balikbayan box packed with different goods for her family in the Philippines but as the package arrives, they were surprised finding out that the contents were replaced with newspaper and bundles of mail.

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Photo credit: Ailyne Gumabon

The OFW posted on her Facebook account the story of what happened to her package. According to the post, Gumabon said that she had sent the package through SpeedPost on February 16, 2016. She also stated that the Balikbayan box contains 6 pairs of shoes, 6 pieces of shirts, 32 pieces of chocolates, 1 piece of short, 1 bag, and 1 cup.


Having paid the premium price for better and fast delivery the post office told Ailyne that the package will arrive in just 3 days. But, two weeks already had passed, the Balikbayan box still hasn’t arrived. Now, the OFW went to the post office in Hong Kong to track the package and she was told that the box was already in the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines since February 17, 2016.

Then, she asked her husband to go to the office in Pasay City. It wasn’t there. He was told that it may be in their previous location. So he went home together with their child. Ailyne’s friend called her that he package was already there in their office but it can’t be delivered because of a large group of shipments together with it.

Weeks had passed and a text message was received by her husband saying that the Balikbayan box was already there at the post office in their place. So, she told her husband to go to the post office and open the package there because of a weird feeling on the situation.

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Photo credit: Ailyne Gumabon

Then, the whole thing was revealed to them. Only a few items were left. According to Gumabon’s post, in order for the package to be as heavy as what it was declared in the receipt, the “thieves” had to put newspapers and mail bundles.

She just can’t believe what happened to her and she really expresses her anger and disappointment with what had happened.

What can you say about what happened to the OFW?

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