Pregnant Mom Applies Full Makeup During Labor To Distract Pains – Worth Seeing


Mothers can relate the pregnancy and labor were never, never easy. Do you agree, Moms? But, a woman from New York has found a way to distract her from the pains of her labor. She posted a photo of what she did and it became viral on Instagram.


According to an article written on TODAY, a 27-year-old make-up artist named Alaha Karimi, living in Long Island, New York posted photos on Instagram of her applying full makeup on herself during labor. She even told TODAY, that she just can’t believe the attention given on her photos while in the delivery room that time.

She said that she didn’t intend to get so much attention from people but as of now, one of her Instagram photos already reached more than 8, 000 likes as of writing.

“I was Googling ways to overcome the pain, because it was just unbearable, and one of the suggestions was to put on some music and do something you love — so that’s what I did,” Karimi said as quoted in TODAY.

Karimi asked the doctor’s approval before doing such thing in order to make sure that her baby’s safe. After the approval, she then grabbed her makeup bag and did what she does best.

Karimi was not the first person to this “beautification and grooming” activities while in labor. Some mothers bring hairdressers to look good as the baby comes and for the first picture.

The 27-year-old also encourage other mothers in the same situation to do so in order to gain the “helpful side effect” to feel good.

“If makeup is your thing, do that,” Karimi said. “But if knitting is your thing, then do that — make a sweater! Do something that will distract you from the pains of labor. It’s a crazy time, and now, I don’t think of the pain. I look at the photos and I laugh. And I’m kind of proud of myself because I know I was able to make it through the pain and still enjoy myself,” she added.

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