Japanese Fisherman Caught A Prehistoric-Looking Fish That You Can Commonly See In Films – Unbelievable

There are still lots of things that will amaze us in this world. This what a Japanese fisherman named Hirasaka Hiroshi experienced when he caught something strange in the waters of the northern part of Japan. Hirasaka caught a creepy-looking fish that really seems to be a prehistoric creature.

People believe that the fish that’s caught by Hirasaka is a wolffish. But, they’re still not sure of it really is.

Here are some photos of the prehistoric-looking fish caught in the waters of northern Japan. This is so unbelievable!


This creature which is believed to be a wolffish, measures about 1.2 meters up. This one’s about 2 meters long!


This kind of fish normally lurks in the ocean floor and eat small creatures there.


Although this really looks creepy, but scientists say that they are typically gentle but can inflict some painful damage if it felt danger.


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