Physicist Fires Weapon On Himself Underwater – What Happened Next Is Just Unbelievable

Human beings are just always in a quest to know and discover new things. Yes, we really wanted to prove something. But, in order to achieve that, that theory must go on various experiments for proof. This is what a Physicist named Andreas Wahl have done in order to show that it would be very […]

What This Superglue Was Made Of Will Surely Blow Your Minds Out…

Have you ever wondered how our bones join together? Or the mussels’ hard shells? This is the miracle of nature creating a sticky bond called hydrogel. That material is mixed with water and gummy material creating a durable bond. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a synthetic hydrogel that resembles the hydrogel found in […]

Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In The Morning On An Empty Stomach – You Should’ve Known This Before…

Our body needs to be in great condition as always. We need to eat and drink the right foods and drinks. Speaking of drinking, our body needs enough fluids, especially water that is about 8-10 glasses of water a day. In the video shared by Improvemant on Youtube, it talks about an old Asian practice […]

Nearly Frozen Ocean Waves Captured By A Photographer In Nantucket, Massachusetts – Slurpee Waves…

The winter season is coming to freeze anything on its way. Yes, anything. Even the ocean waters. Can you imagine seeing nearly frozen waves? They would look like “slurpee”. This is what a photographer named Jonathan Nimerfroh have captured near his home at Nantucket, Massachusetts. Most of us never saw such thing – slushy winter […]

Incredibly “Thirsty” Concrete Absorbed 4,000 Liters Of Water In A Minute – This Could Be The Solution For Floods…

In many areas in the world, when the rain starts, flood comes because of clogged waterways. There are so many high-costing solutions done, but, most of them failed. But now, a miracle could happen because a certain permeable concrete, which allows water to pass through it, is now being tested in some parking lots made […]

Japanese Fisherman Caught A Prehistoric-Looking Fish That You Can Commonly See In Films – Unbelievable

There are still lots of things that will amaze us in this world. This what a Japanese fisherman named Hirasaka Hiroshi experienced when he caught something strange in the waters of the northern part of Japan. Hirasaka caught a creepy-looking fish that really seems to be a prehistoric creature. People believe that the fish that’s […]

The Dangers Of Drinking Tap Water – You Really Need To Know This

Water is life. Indeed, for us humans. We are composed of about 60% water, that’s why we are advised to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But, in drinking water, we must always be careful. Some of us can afford to buy and drink purified, mineral, and alkaline water. But some just drink tap […]

Brace Yourself For The Underwater Candle…Yes, Now Learn How To Make One – This Is So Easy

In our early days at school, there are activities that can really capture our attention like science experiments. We are all curious on things that are happening around us. For example, how can a candle continue to be aflame even it’s underwater? Hmmm…Simple idea. As the candle wax melts, it creates a temporary barrier disabling […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water That You Probably Didn’t Know…

In our journey for the best health as possible, we are doing everything to maintain good health. This is because, we wanted to live a longer life. One of the intriguing products for overall health is the alkaline water. Alkaline water is water that’s less acidic that normal tap water. Alkaline neutralizes the acid that’s […]

Filipino Inventors Can Make Salt Produce Electricity To Light A Lamp Up To Eight Hours…Just Mind-Blowing

In this depleting condition of the earth today due to our own abuse, we are now facing so many consequences and problems. We are lacking power supply worldwide. Most countries are still dependent to coal power that really causes bad for the environment. But, concerned people are now advocating the use of renewable sources of […]

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