What This Superglue Was Made Of Will Surely Blow Your Minds Out…

Have you ever wondered how our bones join together? Or the mussels’ hard shells? This is the miracle of nature creating a sticky bond called hydrogel. That material is mixed with water and gummy material creating a durable bond. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a synthetic hydrogel that resembles the hydrogel found in between our cartilages.

The Hydrogel is made of more than 90 percent made of water. According to MIT, the hydrogel they created is a “transparent, rubber-like material, can adhere to surfaces such as glass, silicon, ceramics, aluminum, and titanium with a toughness comparable to the bond between tendon and cartilage on bone.”

Watch this video that will tackle about how the MIT created an adhesive that is made mostly by water. Amazing!

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Video from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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