Baby Kisses Fish Many Times

Kissing someone is showing one’s affection and love and of course, this action is done by earthlings who love each other very much: humans kiss humans and animals kiss their kind too. But how about human kissing an animal? You say. Here’s a video of a baby kissing a fish: The baby seems to can’t … Read more

Fish Hilariously Bites Soda Can

Animals are inferior to us humans but unlike us, they can do something we can’t even do better. They are around but it’s just that we can’t notice them. Take this fish for an instance that bites the empty soda can like he got stronger teeth. Don’t miss watching the video below: Who would have … Read more

This Is How Hungry Fishes Eat

We really can’t deny the fact that when we’re hungry, we can’t already choose what food we want. Instead, we will just eat whatever food being served to us just to fill our stomach. And of course, the way we eat is not like the usual way, it’s really like we want to make fast … Read more