Believe It Or Not But Your Dream Can Predict Secrets About Your Destiny

“What the future has in store for us?” “What is our own destiny?” “What will happen to us in the future?” Many of us (most I know) wanted to know what the future will bring to our life- the person we’ll marry, our job, the names of our kids, when we’ll die, anything about the future.

There are numerous of ways that could help you predict your future like your daily horoscope, reading your palm, choosing your favorite gem or pattern, or visiting a psychic. It sounds crazy but some predictions are really true. Another way of figuring out what the future has in store for you is by paying close attention to your dreams. Yes, your dreams.

If you dreamed last night being chased by someone, there’s a possible reason why. Here are some of the most popular dreams (which you’ve dreamt before) and the predictions they say about your future.

Teeth falling out

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Many dream experts believe that losing teeth symbolizes a desire to have a baby. Others feel your pearly whites are linked with confidence, and losing your teeth means you will soon question your self-esteem. But the most compelling theory is that when teeth fall out, it’s because you are about to let something out of your mouth that should have remained in there permanently, like gossip, a secret, or saying something hurtful. So, hold your tongue if you have this type of dream.


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Falling dreams are a red flag from your subconscious that something in your life is about to quite literally fall to pieces. If you are having this dream, something may be going downhill in your work, personal, or love life and you need to make peace pretty quick.

Showing up to work or school naked

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Being nude can make you feel pretty vulnerable, and the naked truth is, that despite the humiliation you may feel when having a dream about being in the buff, it’s actually a good thing. This kind of dream means that something is about to happen to you that garners a lot of attention — like a promotion, getting a new job, or your life is about to come into public view. Although these things are all pretty great, you may still feel a little vulnerable, which is why you’re nude in the dream. This type of dream usually occurs when someone is about to step up to something new & exciting but perhaps a little outside of their comfort zone.

Taking a test

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Put your pencil down, this kind of dream does not allude to a future test you’ll have to take. It does, however, tune into another aspect of test-taking process you may not initially realize. We’re usually under pressure to be sharp while taking a test, especially when you’re taking one for school or a job. This type of dream is warning you to stay alert, because something life-changing is about to occur and you don’t want it to pass you by.

Being chased

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This dream represents a confrontation that will happen that you will want to avoid. It’ll be an issue you don’t know how to deal with or a situation you’re trying to get out of, but if you meet it head on, you’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted.


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Flying dreams can mean a number of things depending on which direction you’re flying in. If it’s upwards, you’re about to have a spiritual awakening. If it’s downwards, you’re about to learn something you never about yourself before. Flying low to the ground? Your determination will surprise you in the very near future. Backwards means you want to relive a time in your life that you really enjoyed. And if you’re flying a plane, it means you’re about to have a lot of fun – hopefully traveling.


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Dreaming about death can be really disturbing. But don’t fret, it’s not nearly as ominous as you might think. It means something in your life is about to end to make room for something else. Think of it like the old saying “when one door closes, another opens.”


dreams 8

Water represents emotions, and the condition of the water usually gives an indication of what’s in store for you. If the water is boiling, you’re about to get upset about something. Waterfalls represent a fresh start. Walking on water means you are about to gain control over something.

Being late or missing something

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Ever noticed how the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland always seemed stressed out? Take note, dream-wise: Being late in a dream might mean that you’re overwhelmed and doing too much. When you’re having this type of dream, you may want to avoid making promises you can’t keep.


Houses represent different aspects of the dreamer’s life. For instance, a basement represents that something that will be neglected, while bedrooms are connected to something you feel passionately about taking shape.


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In a dream, gender doesn’t factor into pregnancy. In the surreal world of one’s mind, both women and men can experience pregnancy dreams. If you are female, sexually active, and do not wish to become pregnant, the dream can mean that you are about to have a self-awakening. For men, these dreams mean that you are about to embark on a creative awakening.


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A dream about paralysis means that you’re going to soon regain control over your life. You typically get this dream at the end of a time where you feel like you’re not in the drivers seat anymore. But fear not: Although this dream seems scary, it’s a light at the end of a tunnel.

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