Pick The Pattern That Attracts You The Most And I’ll Tell You Who You Really Are

There’s nobody, even a fortune teller, can say that you are a loving and kind person or either you’re bad or merciless. It’s only you who knows yourself. But sometimes, we love to know more about us by hearing some compliments from other people or by taking some personality tests.

Recently, we’ve known that palm can foretell our destiny and your favorite gemstone can reveal your fortune in life, and now I have no idea that even choosing the simple pattern can reveal so much about your personality.

In this test, you will choose the pattern that attracts you the most and each pattern has special meaning — both in color and shape — and reveals quite a lot about the person you are and what you are seeking in life.

So are you ready? If you do, please the pattern and scroll down for the result! Good luck!

pattern 1

Pattern #1: The Tea Roses

pattern 2

It means you are a sensitive, caring soul with an abundance of kindness within. You love to share with others, even when you don’t have much to give. Goodness comes naturally to you, and you radiate positivity wherever you go. You cherish beauty, warmth, and sincerity, and you always keep your promises.

However, you don’t give to yourself as often as you give to those around you. It’s time to change that. Show yourself the love you show others. You deserve it.

By choosing the tea roses — the symbol for joy and welcoming — it means that new life is on its way. This could be a new pet or family member, or maybe even a self-awakening. Something fresh and exciting is at hand, and you should embrace it with open arms.

Pattern #2: The Turquoise Leaves

pattern 3

It shows you are a whimsical soul who loves exploration, adventure, and learning new things. Your friends know they can always count on you for a laugh and a good time — but you’re also the first person they turn to when they need a warm hug or a shoulder to cry on. You’re generous and loving, and your energy is contagious. Your bold spirit will take you far.

Since you’re such an imaginative, creative soul, your head is often in the clouds. Be sure to come back down to earth sometimes — but never lose that sense of wonder. It’s precious.

The turquoise leaves — representing healing and invigoration — tell us that a new opportunity is on the horizon, perhaps something you’ve been praying for. Keep marching forward and have faith that it’s on its way. You won’t be disappointed.

Pattern #3: The Blue Watercolor Dots

pattern 4

It demonstrates that you are a tranquil, balanced soul who always remains calm under pressure. You’re organized, detailed, and even-tempered — but you’re passionate about your beliefs and you love with all your heart. Always a port in the storm, your friends and loved ones draw strength from your serene energy.

Often, you’re so busy being strong for others that you forget to take care of yourself, too. Let your hair down and relax sometimes. You both need and deserve it — and your loved ones will agree that it’s time!

By choosing the blue dots — representing strength, stability, and unity — it shows us that a new contract is in your future. Whether it’s a house, car, or a figurative contract of friendship, a new kind of deal is in your path. You will be overjoyed by the results. Don’t be afraid.

Pattern #4: The Dark Triangles

pattern 5

You must be a passionate spirit with a rich sense of humor and a strong thirst for life. You’re sharp, charming, and bold, and people are drawn to your radiant energy. You have a flair for the dramatic, and the only thing you love more than laughing is making others laugh. Your emotions are strong and run deeply.

Sometimes you might hide behind your boldness and strength. Let people see the other side of you once in a while, the more sensitive soul with a tender heart. They’ll love you even more for it.

Because you chose the triangles — which symbolize illumination and harmony — an important new idea is on its way to you. Soon you’ll clear that roadblock in your life, and you’ll feel everything else click into place. You’ve been waiting for this, and the moment is upon you.

Pattern #5: The Black and White Zigzags

pattern 6

You are a quick-thinking, elegant, creative person. Where others see problems, you see solutions. You’re intelligent and fun, and you’re not scared to take risks. Vibrant and bold, you always make a strong and long-lasting impression. Likable, trustworthy, and encouraging, people consider you a lifelong friend.

You might not know it, but you’re a role model to those around you. Always let your goodness guide you, because the decisions you make have a strong impact. Never forget the sway you have over others.

By choosing the black and white zigzags — representing balance and contrast — it means an important surprise is drawing near, one that will complement your life. It will be the exact thing you’ve been missing and needing. It might not come in the form you were expecting though, so stay open-minded.

Pattern #6: The Lilac Plaid

pattern 7

It reveals that you are a sweet, giving person with a sincere heart. Never one to brag or boast, you’re humble, genuine, and down-to-Earth. You enjoy meeting new people, but you can be a little shy sometimes, especially in big groups. Some people might assume you’re delicate, but you know how to roll up your sleeves and work hard.

It might be intimidating, but it’s time to let your voice be heard. Speak up and stand strong. People will enjoy hearing what you have to say, and you’ll make a big impact with your words.

Since you chose the lilac plaid — symbolic of innocence and firsts — it designates that a new love is in your future. Whether it be a new pet, a family addition, or a blossoming romance, strong feelings and a new commitment are coming your way.

Pattern #7: The Rainbow Circles

pattern 8

You are bubbly, energetic, and full of charisma. You’re spunky and silly, and you love to have a good time. Always upbeat and eager to find a silver lining, you glow with positivity. Your emotions and loyalties run very deep, and you have a very generous heart. You love to give and receive surprises, and you have a youthful spirit.

Because you’re so kind and inviting, some people might be tempted to take advantage of you. Keep an eye out for false friends — but never lose your warm and trusting spirit. It’s very rare.

By choosing the rainbow circles — representing completion, cycles, and infinity — it means that unfinished business will soon be taken care of. Your life has been longing for this, and now the time has come. The burden and stress will soon be lifted.

Pattern #8: The Yellow Lattice

pattern 9

You are a warm, optimistic, and charitable soul. Balance and tidiness are important to you, but you’re willing to risk that if it means you’re helping others. You’re kind and considerate, and good manners are very important to you. Some might say you’re old-fashioned — but really, you’re classic. You glow with grace and elegance, which people admire.

Because you’re so gracious and giving, you tend to take a lot onto your plate, and you often put others before yourself. Clear some time and room for you. You need it more than you realize.

Since you chose the yellow lattice — symbolizing growth and support — you will soon encounter an important chance to grow. This might mean accepting help from someone else, but it’s crucial that you do so. You won’t regret it.

Pattern #9: The Green and Blue Strokes

pattern 10

You are an observant person who never misses a beat. Often a listener first and a speaker second, you’re always soaking in the world around you. Because you’re so empathetic and tuned-in, you easily lose yourself in books and movies. You have a very compassionate spirit, and you hate seeing others in pain.

Your deep feelings and sensitivity make people inclined to turn to you for help. Be sure you’re not absorbing others’ feelings too deeply, or else you might get sucked in. Step back and cleanse yourself.

Because you chose the blue and green strokes — which symbolize vitality, calm, and health — a new phase of life is close at hand for you. Filled with exciting challenges and changes, this new chapter will help you to grow. You might be apprehensive, but just go with the flow.

Pattern #10: The Wavy Lines

pattern 11

You are an abstract, free-thinking person with a powerful imagination. You’re open-minded and creative, and you love to learn new things. You’re quick to smile and laugh, and it’s the little things make you happy. Easygoing and kind, you make friends with all walks of life. You value love over money, and happiness over possessions.

You’re a free-spirited soul with a strong sense of self, which might intimidate some people. But always stay true to you, and never change yourself for anyone.

The wavy lines — representing distance and progress — indicate that a trip is coming your way. It might be a road trip, or perhaps even a spiritual journey. Either way, embrace this new adventure and go with the flow. You’re going to love where it leads you.

Does this test match your personality right? Let us know your result by leaving it in a comment below and please share this to your friends online to cheer them up like you always does.

Pick The Pattern That Attracts You The Most And I’ll Tell You Who You Really Are

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