Cute Squirrel Caught On Camera Seemingly Playing A Flute

We humans need calcium in our body to make our bones and teeth strong. We absorb it through drinking milks, eating cheese and many more. Just like us, animals need it to, and their way of absorbing it is to chew some bones.

While the crew of UK’s Wildlife Aid Foundation was on an animal rescue, they saw a cute squirrel playing a music using his flute. The little animal was actually chewing a tiny a bone, which appeared to be its musical instrument. Although the video was edited with a music, it still looks adorable to watch. Check it out below.

This is a common behavior of animals. Another benefit of chewing on a bone is that it helps them wear down their teeth because it continues to grow throughout their lives. If they won’t do it, their teeth will overgrow and they will become unable to eat.

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