These Sunken Treasures Of Heracleion City Discovered Are Evidences Of Extraordinary Glory Of The Past

Past comprised a lot of things that are considered evidences of our existence. For so many billions of years the world has changed and humans have existed, there are things that are answered and things that are still unknown to our innocence.

And those things complete our whole being as a human. Of course, we wanted to know what’s needed to be known, that is why we are looking for answers, and through the help of brilliant people like researchers. There are so many of them but only some who give justice on their field like underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio.

In a report posted by Diply, “Franck Goddio discovered a lost city deep beneath the waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay. Heracleion was an Ancient Egyptian city near Alexandria and is thought to have been founded around the 8th century BC, and after incredible natural catastrophes, the city was lost to the depths of the sea.  Prior to this discovery, there was no trace of the city anywhere and it threatened to be that of only myths and legends in our world.”

But like a dream, Franck and his team discovered the lost treasures of Heracleion City. Take a look at their discoveries:

This colossal statue represents the god Hapi. There has never been a statue of Hapi of this size discovered.

Heracleion City treasure 1

Here is a close-up of Hapi.

Heracleion City treasure 2

A Ptolemaic queen, most likely a representation of Cleopatra II or Cleopatra III dressed as goddess Isis, was found.

Heracleion City treasure 3

Inscribed Heracleion stele which was commissioned by Nectanebo I. Look at those beautiful inscriptions.

Heracleion City treasure 4

The stele out of the water. What an incredible find.

Heracleion City treasure 5

Here is a close-up of the Ptolemaic queen. The statue measures 490 cm in height and weighs 4 tons.

Heracleion City treasure 6

A bronze statuette of the 26th dynasty pharaoh.

Heracleion City treasure 7

Heracleion City treasure 8

They strap up the statues to lift them out.

Heracleion City treasure 9

The divers follow it up, making sure that everything is kosher.

Heracleion City treasure 10

Golden dish – a beautiful treasure sparkling below the water’s depths.

Heracleion City treasure 15

Here, the divers inspect the statue of the Pharaoh.

Heracleion City treasure 11

Golden object engraved with Greek text.

Heracleion City treasure 12

This stunning bronze oil lamp.

Heracleion City treasure 13

And gold stones

Heracleion City treasure 14

The giant head of Pharaoh being lifted from the depths. What an incredible sight.

Heracleion City treasure 16

Here, the divers measures a foot from one of the statues.

Heracleion City treasure 17

So many people watching as the statue breaks the surface.

Heracleion City treasure 18

Here is an aerial view of the treasures discovered deep beneath the waters of the temple of Heracleion.

Heracleion City treasure 19

Source Credit: Diply

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