You’ll Love To Swim Even More With These 11 Unusual Lakes In The World.. But Wait, You Can’t With #s 2,7,8 And 11!

Whenever we travel, swimming is always been the number 1 goal. Not only to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun and get tan but dipping one’s body in such huge natural ‘pool’ relaxes one’s tired body and mind. It’s no wonder, whenever we see bodies of water, without any hesitations, we dive and swim as long until we had enough.

The most common bodies of water that we always visited is the sea, which is obviously deep, too salty and somehow dangerous. I’m not disagreeing that sea is not good place to swim, but unknown for us, there are some bodies of water that are somehow safe and enjoyable to swim with.

And lakes are one of those. Since its water is not too deep and water is fresh, I bet for sure everyone who loves to swim can enjoy. There are many kinds of lakes that can be found around the world, but below are just some of the unusual lakes happened to exists, yet can be a travel destination place to almost every one.

1. Lake Hillier in the Recherche Archipelego, Australia

The water of this lake is colored pink because of the cartotenoid-producing algae.

Lake Hillier

2. Boiling Lake in Dominica

Obviously got its name because this lake is so hot that no one has ever been able to measure the temperature.

Boiling Lake in Dominica

3. Lake McKenzie, Australia

This lake is 370 acres of pure freshwater. It is too acidic for any aquatic life, but completely safe to swim in.

Lake McKenzie

4. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

This lake contains jellyfish, but jellyfish here don’t sting making it safe to swim with.

Jellyfish Lakes

5. Dead Sea

This is known to be a sea, but it’s actually a lake that is the lowest place on Earth: 1,486 feet below sea level, and has ten times the salt of any other sea on earth.

Dead Sea

6. Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

This lake also gets its surreal color from algae and other aquatic life.

Laguna Colorada

7. Lake Manicouagan, Canada

This lake was formed by an asteroid.

Lake Manicouagan, Canada.

8. Lake Natron, Tanzania

This lake is 140 degree in temperature that literally petrifies animals that get too close.

Lake Natron

9. Medicine Lake, Canada

This lake believed to have a very strange tendency: in the winter, it disappears through a series of sinkholes and reappears in nearby Maligne Canyon.

Medicine Lake

10. Lake Tus in the Khakassia region, Russia

This lake is renowned for its mineral and sediment-rich waters, attracting thousands of summer visitors every year.

Lake Tus

11. Trinidad’s La Brea Pitch lake

This lake isn’t made of water at all…but rather millions of gallons of liquid asphalt spread over 100 acres. During the rainy season, however, villagers bask in the sulfur-rich pools that form nearby.

Trinidad's La Brea Pitch lake

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