World’s Biggest Skateboard At Guinness World Record! Skaters Should Try This!

Are you a skater? Do you love riding in a skateboard in different places or do extreme sports? Well check this one, this is the giant skateboard or so called the largest skateboard of the world that measures 11.14 m, 2.63 m wide and 1.10 m in high. That’s kinda big!

Here is a video of people riding in the world’s largest skateboard.

The skateboard was designed by Robert Stanley “Rob” Dyrdek an American professional skateboarder, actor and Joe Ciaglia a CEO of California Skateparks.
Well, £12,000 was only the total cost of making the World’s Biggest Skateboard. The board was declared as the world’s largest last year at the Guinness World Record. If you are a skateboarder, you should try this! If you have already tried different styles of boards in your life, well you must try this also try riding in this largest board on the planet! LOL.

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