If Your Foods Can Actually Say Something, Then They Would Say Things Like These 12 Foods Did! Simply Witty!

We used to draw our emotional condition through eating because we used to believe that ingesting food in our empty stomach makes us feel better. Instances? When someone is experiencing heartbroken, eating ice cream with tortilla chips seems to take away all the pain overwhelmed by big disappointment brought by a failed relationship.

Most ladies could relate to that and it’s quite shameful to admit but I’m also into it (just once). Don’t you think it’s weird? No. It’s perfectly normal to use foods as an option when you can no longer take it. But what if foods can actually talk of how we really feel while we’re devouring them? Hmm.. Will you continue to eat them or you’ll skip meals?

Designer and illustrator David Olenick let his wild imagination consume him and made some series of food quotes illustrations that bluntly shows how we humans really think and feel about the food we’re planning to eat.   

Sounds funny, right? But try to read some below and you’ll agree to his witty imagination.

1. Nobody has to know.. that you get some of me!


2. I’m good even when I’m bad.. only if I’m really hungry!

food quote 2

3. Fuck your diet.. and enjoy eating the tasty me!

food quote 3

4. You should text him.. right before you get lose in me and get drunk!


5. I own you.. just for this morning!

food quote 5

6. People suck.. but not me!


7. I love you man.. though I make your tummy bigger!

food quote 7

8. Healthy as fuck.. so don’t ignore to eat me! 

food quote 8

9. Take me.Take me now.. right before I melt!

food quote 9

10. Let’s do karaoke.. and you’ll do the singing!

food quote 10

11. Calm the hell down.. but not now!


12. Peanut Butter is my boyfriend.. only at home!

food quote 12

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