These Illustrations Show That There Are Two Kinds Of People

Each of us is uniquely created. We may have the same beliefs and aspirations in life but in comparison, we’re very different with each other. There are two kinds of people, actually; like the one who smiles often while the other frowns every second of the day. It isn’t just about the behavior but the … Read more

6 Simple Illustrations Displays How Serious Depression Is

When was the last time you feel so lonely and broken? I bet you’d say after you heard some bad news or after somebody close to you neglected your presence. Most of us suffers from being terribly sad and no one’s exempted, but being sad is curable than being depressed. Depression can sometimes kill a … Read more

Check Out What Problems Does Animals Have With These Funny Illustrations

Having problems is natural, what’s unreasonable is when you think of your problems non-stop. Problems are part of our existence: you experience it, others does, too. If you’re thinking humans the only subject which problem exists, you’re wrong. Animals have it too and we’re all aware of that. Thanks to Tumblr user Geoffrey Hewer-Candee for … Read more