6 Simple Illustrations Displays How Serious Depression Is

When was the last time you feel so lonely and broken? I bet you’d say after you heard some bad news or after somebody close to you neglected your presence. Most of us suffers from being terribly sad and no one’s exempted, but being sad is curable than being depressed.

Depression can sometimes kill a human’s individuality, and like a drug, it could take away one’s sanity. But how could we know that someone is depressed? Are there symptoms? We can’t tell, but we got a help from Sydney-based designer and art director Nick Barclay.

Barclay created a series of graphic visuals about the symptoms of depression, and using the colors of black, white, and three shades of green, he shows how serious depression is to humans.

depression 1

depression 2

depression 3

depression 4

depression 5

depression 6

depression 7


(h/t): Distractify

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