Father and Son Attended The NCAA Game. What They Did Next Rocked The Stadium. Show Stealer!

Watching a sporting event is such a thrilling activity. The yells, cheers, claps, and expressions of the crowd arouses your spirit! And the best part of it is not the winning moment of the champions but when people doing crazy things on the bench are caught on the big screen.

During Monday night’s NCAA Championship game in Arlington, Pharell’s monster hit song “Happy” was played and the whole crowd moved to the groove.

Crowd grooving

And while the camera is rolling around the four corners of the AT&T Stadium, it spotted a father and son performing a synchronized dance.

Father and Son Dancing Duo

It was later known that the duo was Dallas Mavericks dance team captain, Rob Maiden and his 15-year-old son Trey.

Rob and Trey

They said that they worked on the dance steps the night before the game in hope of getting on to the “Big Screen”.

Rob and Trey

And true to what they wished for, their awesome performance did not only conquered the big screen but totally steal the show.

Rob and Trey

Not only that they’ve accomplished their mission, the said video (watch below) of this dancing duo has made rounds on social media and had since gone viral after it was uploaded to YouTube.


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