30 Art Of Movement To Showcase The Magical World Of Dance And Dancers

Another art became hit over the social media. These photos showcase the of the art movement in dancing. These Photos were published in, wherein the NYC Dance Project showcase the magical world of dance and dancers. It was founded by fashion/beauty photographer Ken Browar and dancer/photographer Deborah Ory, and the beautiful pictures you can see here […]

Watching This Dance Duo Will Simply Make Everyone Mesmerized – Must See

Wanted to express your feelings right now? How about standing up now and do some moves like you just don’t care? Dancing can be learned and sometimes, it is already printed in the genes.

Little Boy From Cuba Just Blew The Audience In A Street Dance Showdown – Must Watch

Children just have amazing talents and energy. They also have great optimism towards the world. No wonder they can express their feelings very easy. Recently, a dance showdown happened at Festival Rumbateate in Camaguey, Cuba. A large crowd gathered to see one little boy show off his dance moves! People have cheering and applauding for […]

Adorable Ballerina Gorilla: Must Watch!

Seeing an animal dance is typical, but seeing this gorilla dance to the beat like a ballerina is exceptional. Well, who will not adore this gorilla for dancing these steps that not all human can perform. In the video, you can see the sweet performance of the gorilla. Obviously, it feels the moves she is […]

Best Way To Lull Babies! This is Awesome…

This happens too rare! Look, dads had the chance to sway their babies in the beat of Wild Cherry’s ‘Play That Funky Music’. This is so awesome! To lull and bond at the same time is totally a kind think to do for dads. You might extend your father’s day celebration with this one. This […]

Little Girl Dances In A Very Unique And Hilarious Way – I Just Can’t Help Myself Laughing

Dancing is one way of expressing one’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Everyone can dance if they want but sometimes there are steps that are needed to be “appropriate” depending on the genre of the dance. Sometimes, depending on the culture and belief of a person, there are just unique ways on how to dance. Literally, […]

Cool Japanese Boy Band Will Definitely Stun You With Their Moves…It’s Like They’re Stopping Time

We all have seen different and unique talents all around the world. Many we see in TV, talents shows, and in the streets. They are the ones who never stopped dreaming and just continued what they wanted and loved to do. Just like this famous Japanese boy band called World Order who’s known for their […]

Mother And Son Makes It To “Ellen”, Makes Some Pretty Sweet Dance Moves – Mom Still Got The Moves…

There is nothing more wonderful than having a bonding between family. Is that right? Having fun activities can really strengthen the bond you have. This is what a mother and son have done. Because of their love for dancing, they called a “little competition” for them to know who dances better. The famous “Gangnam Style” […]

This Couple’s Wedding Became More Interesting When Their Unexpected Wedding Singer Entered The Room…

In this life, we just can’t live on our own. Just according to a saying, “No one is an island”. Indeed, we need other to live in this world. That’s why we build relationships. When this relationship deepens, there comes the day to settle down and get married. Matt and Kya were together in a […]

Have You Seen A Twerking Dog? Watch This Now…So Hilarious…

A lot of things are going viral right now most especially in the social media. People are just feasting in some really interesting things posted om the internet. One of the most famous songs right now is the “Twerk it like Miley” by Brandon Beal. A lot of dance covers are done with this song […]

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