Don’t Want Others to Laugh at You? Never Do What These 20 People Did.. Can’t Get Over With #15.

No one is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. But don’t use this as an excuse to make such mistake these people did. They had this “one job” but hilariously failed to do it.

I really can’t imagine how did it all went wrong. Maybe because of mass production? Well, no matter what the reason is for them to commit these errors, it totally made my day.

#1. Try flipping up that “Superman” pocket cover, maybe “Batman” is hiding somewhere there.


#2. Anyways, Africa and Asia were one piece of land which got separated.


#3. Now, this makes it “Uncomfortable Room”.

Door Knob

#4. This is what drinks look like when you’re in a topsy-turvy world.


#5. You mean, they’re always ON… NO turning OFF?


#6. For parents who want their baby to be a girl, but unfortunately got a boy.

For Your Baby

#7. These would be close to blueberries but too far from strawberries.


#8. The one who this is 2nd – in between 1st and 3rd. What do you think?


#9. The best or the worst mug?


#10. Maybe these variety of corn is watery. But should be labeled as “Watercorn” if that’s the case.

Pack of Corn

#11. I’m starting to really get confused.

Packs of Fanta

#12. And this one makes it even worse.

Remote Control

#13. You can’t fool me. I know they’re not onions. Never!

Sacks of Corn

#14. The maker must be a native of Canada but loves to be in UK.


#15. My mind is totally blown.


#16. Poor little kid. His coach might have taken him for granted.


#17. No wonder why it’s like this…

Temple of a eyeglasses

#18. The signs were just misplaced.

Toothpast and Toothbrush

#19. Well, maybe this is really his real name… “Firstname Lastname”.


#20. Are they twins? No, they are product of “Copy and Paste”.


Please share the good laughs and beware to make the same mistakes if you don’t want being laughed at.

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