Animal Cruelty! ‘Zoo of Death’ As They Call It.. Terribly A Living Nightmare!

Animals, in any of its kind or specie needs freedom, freedom of proper care or treatment and also freedom to live well and more! But there are still bunch of cruel people in the world who mistreat animals in a very disappointing and disgusting way! I just can’t handle it!

The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia is far from the true concept of ‘Zoo’ because the animals they’re handling lives in hell.. a terribly living nightmare! And guess what, they dubbed their Zoo as the ‘Zoo of Death’! Whoa! So it means they’re letting the animals die naturally? Well, YES! The  animals in the said ‘Zoo of Death’ lacks basic care, proper nutrition and living conditions.

Calling it the ‘Zoo of Death’ depicts the condition animals experiencing there, that for what I believe is inhuman. It needs to be stop.


Many of the animals there are starving to death, especially the carnivores; because of this, they acquire several health issues, resulting them to be euthanize.

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They are really pathetic… one look at them may move you to tears…

Kliwon the giraffe died with a 40lb wad of plastic the size of a beach ball in its stomach.
Kliwon the giraffe died with a 40lb wad of plastic the size of a beach ball in its stomach.

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And the ones who die? They are rumored to have their most valuable body parts sold into the $5 billion per year illegal wildlife trade.

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I believe you feel the same way I felt. This animal cruelty has to stop immediately for many lives of these innocent wildlife creatures is in waste if we tolerate this kind of mistreatment. Luckily, there is a major online petition to stop the deliberate cruelty in the Surabaya Zoo, receiving over 100,000 signatures. The petition is now closed and a representative from Cee4life is now on their way to Indonesia to deliver this vitally important petition. To stay updated on their progress to save these animals, visit their Facebook page.

According to the news from Reddit,  Indonesia is home to some of the world’s last remaining and most diverse rain forests. These forests are under imminent threat of destruction for cheap paper and palm oil production. You can help SAVE these rain forests by signing an online petition. This petition has over 37,000 signatures and has successfully (although temporarily) halted the turning over of 1.2 million hectares of Aceh Forest to the greasy hands of Palm Oil producers, paper mills, and mining companies. Aceh is home to 1/3 to 1/2 of the last remaining Sumatran Tigers and 80% of all the world’s wild Orangutans.

Sign this this petition to help save the Indonesian rain forests (and every single animal there).
You can do something to help!

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