30 Fun Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile And Love Them Even More. #16 Really Struck Me, So Sweet!

There are still a lot of things that we don’t know about our friends in the animal kingdom. We may apprehend their beauty, intellect, and behavior – which is maybe why we love them – but not their totality.

What makes us to connected with these animals? Whatever the answer may be, I’m sure these fun facts will bring a smile in your face and make you love them eve more!

#1. Butterflies are beautiful specially when they rest on flowers and quench their thirst with nectar. But did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?


#2. If there is a program for kids reading books with cats, there’s also a “cat therapy” program which pairs death row cats with inmates for their rehabilitation.


#3. “Don’t count the chickens until the eggs are hatched” is a common golden rule. But did you know that  before the chicks hatch, they communicate with each other and their mother? That’s through a system of sounds!


#4. As humans have best friends, cows also have their best buddies!


#5. And cows are a great source of milk. But did you know that soothing music (specially R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts”) can boost the production of your cows’ milk?


#6. Crows are so smart that they’d even play pranks with each other. That’s according to the observation of Candace Savage, a long-time bird watcher and a nature writer.


#7. Inmates with Cats? Now, it’s inmates with dogs! These inmates are responsible for training and raising seeing-eye dogs and they seem to feel like they were making amends for their past actions by working with the puppies.


#8. While humans have fingerprints, dogs have nose prints. These nose prints are unique that they can be used to identify them.


#9. Domesticated dolphins were given names by their owners. But did you know that they also have names for each other?


#10. Elephant Shrews really look like shrews. But did you know that their closest relatives are elephants and not shrews?

Elephant Shrew

#11. Studies have shown that like humans, goats also have accents.


#12. Did you know that there’s a species known to live forever? Now you know that there is and it’s Immortal Jellyfish (aka Turritopsis Nutricula).

Immortal jellyfish

#13. Japanese Macaques also love playing with the snow that they’d even make snow balls for fun.

Japanese Macaques

#14. And they’re clever enough to use a coin to buy vending machine snacks.


 #15. Love corgi dogs? How about its cat version? – the Munchkin Cat!

Munchkin Cat

#16. Otters are so sweet; they hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.


#17. Oysters are popularly known for its hidden pearls. But did you know that oysters can change gender? They change gender depending on what’s best for mating.


#18. China has highly valued Pandas that killing one would mean your life. Killing a Panda is punishable by death penalty.


#19. How honorable this penguin is that Norway had knighted it.


 #20. Did you know what it means when a Gentoo penguin offers a pebble to his partner? It’s just like saying, “Will you marry me?”


#21. Pigs are so hot; their orgasms last for 30 minutes.


#22. Puffins practice sanitation; they make their houses on cliffs and set aside a room for their toilet.


#23. Male puppies are gentle dogs; they let female pups win though they have their physical advantage.


#24. Rabbits in Sweden are sports enthusiasts; they join show-jumping competition called Kaninhoppning.


#25. Seahorses are intimate; they hold each other’s tail when they travel.


#26. Aren’t you thankful that spiders can’t fly?


#27. Squirrels are compassionate; they ‘re willing adopt abandoned baby squirrels.


#28. Squirrels are farmers; they plant thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where they put their acorns.


#29. Turtles have noses in their butts; they sometimes use their butts for breathing.


#30. Rats can be so funny; they laugh they’re tickled.


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