20 Greatest Sports Images of American Politicians: Surprising, Hilarious & Awesome

The United States is considered as one of the most powerful countries in the world, although most of their leaders were revered as political icons, some of them experienced hilarious and surprising moments as they tried their best to project as sports personalities which is simply awesome.

Sports photographers and ordinary netizens captured some of the greatest sports images in recent history of American politicians, who showcased their sporting abilities to impress the American public, in some cases they succeeded but some of them failed to deliver.

Here’s some Sports Images of American Politicians which will surely surprised netizens. 

1. United States Vice President Joe Biden challenged a Sumo Wrestler in Mongolia during his visit last August 22, 2011.

US candidate Joe Biden

2. The 68th US Secretary of State and Former Senator John Kerry grabs a football without looking.

US Secretary of State

3. Former US President Bill Clinton did not anticipate the ball as it hit directly to his face during a friendly match at the Hilton Head beach last December 31, 1993.

Pres. Bill Clinton

4. Former President Bill Clinton is an avid American football player also as he showcased how to break an errant pass at a beach football game held in Hilton Head, South Carolina last December 31, 1993.

US President Bill Clinton

5. Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made an awesome pose during a caribou hunt in Alaska last December 2010.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

6. United States Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan showcased his bow-hunting form with a Presidential audience portrait at the background.

US Vice Presidential Candidate

7. The first black American President Barrack Obama show off his fine baseball pitch form with a mixed based gear wearing a Nationals kit and a Chicago White Sox cap during the Nationals game on April 5, 2010.

Barrack Obama

8. Former Hollywood actor and US President Ronald Reagan draws a bead on an open receiver.

President Ronald Reagan

9. United States Former President George W. Bush showcased his pitching skills during the Game Four of the MLB World Series at the Rangers Ballpark on October 23, 2011.

President Bush Baseball Pitch

10. Former US President George H.W. Bush tosses around the American football as NFL prominent’s Quarterback Jeff Garcia looks on at the US most powerful man during at the Browns training camp in Ohio. July 31, 2004

George W. Bush

11. The first pitch of the 2010 World Series at Texas features two former US President, the father and son tandem of President George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush.

Bush Father and Son

12. United States Vice President wearing a cool hat as he throws out a pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game last April 7, 2009.

US Vice President

13. Current US President Obama wants to learn fencing so he tried to learn the sports and studies fencing in front of the White House on September 16 2009.

Pres. Barrack Obama

14. President Barrack Obama showcased his fly-fishing ability in Montana last 2009.

President Barrack Obama

15. The United States Father and Son Presidential tandem got a small but hard-earned catch during their fishing routine as part of their past time.

President Bush Fishing

16. The older Bush showed his catch with an expert fisherman as he helps hook a huge Tarpon in Florida keys last April 2008.

Bush Sr. Fishing

17. One of the remarkable sportsman among the US Presidents, former President Gerald Ford who played as an outstanding lineman for the University of Michigan during the mid-1930’s.

Gerard Ford American Football

18. Republican Party and Florida Senator Marco Rubio works as an assistant coach as he help coach up his nephew’s youth football team the Suniland Sun Devels last August 2013.

Sen. Marco Rubio

19. Former First Lady of the United States, First Lady Barbara Bush showcased her fine form as she throws out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game on May 5, 1989.

US Barbara Bush Baseball

20. Texas native and Former congressman Ron Paul shares a moment with his son and current Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky during the 51st Congressional baseball game. Ron Paul is known as the lone American Congressman to hit an actual homerun out of the park, which he did during the 1983 baseball game.

Ron Paul

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