What Happened to This Couple is Heartbreaking. How The People Responded is Overwhelming…

First-time mom Jenna Hinman from Upstate New York gave birth to premature but beautiful little twins baby girls through a C-section after she was rushed to the hospital when her husband called 911 on March 3. The day the couple thought would be their happiest.

Jenna Hinman and US Army Sgt. Brandon Hinman had their wedding last December, 2010.

Jenna and Brandon

Jenna and Brandon was a happy couple.

Brandon and Jenna

Pictures of them together reflect their blissfulness.

Brandon and Jenna

August last year, Jenna got pregnant.

Pregnant Jenna Hinman

And Brandon was there for her during her pregnancy.

Brandon and Jenna

The ever-supportive husband was so excited to hold her twins.

Jenna and Brandon

And when Jenna finally delivered their cute little baby girls, the operating room was filled with great jubilation.

The Twins

But after briefly seeing her newborn babies, Jenna had a worse breathing trouble and was diagnosed with a rare pregnancy-related cancer called choriocarcinoma – a quick-growing form of cancer that occurs in a woman’s uterus.

Brandon is giving his all to be a dad and a mom to her daughters while fulfilling his role as a husband to Jenna.

Brandon and the Twins

A week after the incident, a “Good Samaritan” in the name of John J. Warter III created “The Hinman Fund” which has already raised around $93, ooo.00.

The Hinman Fund

A Facebook Page “Prayers for Jenna” was also created to ask people to pray for Jenna as she continues to fight for her life.

Prayers for Jenna

Photos of the twins with messages asking viewers to help their mom were posted.

Kinleigh and Azlynn

Overflowing support and words of encouragement flooded the page.



Please Keep Fighting

Doctors said Jenna was able to wake up on March 13. She was only conscious for a few minutes, Dr. Landsberg said.

But Jenna is not out of the woods yet. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her, according to her doctors.

For more information on the family, visit Prayers for Jenna Facebook page or to make a donation, visit The Hinman Fund.

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