Put Away That Phone For Some Time – Or be Like This – Must See For All

In today’s world, technology has really changed the way people like. Things went easier and more efficient. But, there are also bad effects and habits that have been developed. Many children often stay indoors and also adults just sticking in their gadget – smartphone, laptop, computer, and more. This really limits the “real world” relationships. […]

Children Swapping Faces With Dolls Looks Totally Undesirable – You Need To See This

Children just love playing toys. If there’s one toy that girls really love playing are dolls. They beautify, dress, and groom them everytime. But some seemed to be afraid of the dolls’ faces. How about swapping your child’s face with a doll? Yes, it can now be done in apps in smartphones. You’ll probably seeing […]

Epic Panorama Fails That You’ll Surely Laugh At (Or Even Feel Creepy With)

It’s really a great feeling capturing moments in our lives. With the help of a camera, we can now freeze time and preserve that certain memory forever, well, almost. No wonder there are lots of people who become interested with photography. Now, with our smartphone, it is really possible. Not mentioning the different effects and […]

He Cuts A Cardboard Box Then Transforms It Into A Private Theater Box – You Must Try This One

Since the revolution of smartphones, there are many things that have become easier and portable. I know you have a smartphone with you right now. Smartphones can function as a music player, video players, and a gaming console. Yes, there are so many things you can do with it. Loved watching movies? Now, you can […]

Learn How To Turn Off An iPhone Feature That Could Shock You With Your Bill – This Would Save You Money…

In today’s technological age, most of us have an electronic device in our hands. One of the technologies that are invading our lives right now are smartphones. Smartphones like the iPhone are commonly used for communication, leisure, photography and many more. It is also beneficial for connecting to the Internet even in remote areas using […]

Did You Know That Being Lazy Could Be A Good Thing? – Find It Now Why, Or Maybe Next Time?

We all know that we need to work and move in order to gain benefits like compensation and experience. But, how about when someone is lazy? Being lazy means, you are declining a certain task even though you can actually do it. But, according to the video below, being lazy is actually a desire of […]

Here Are 14 Things You Can Actually Do With Your iPhone Headphones – No One Probably Told You About This…

Technology has really invaded our world today. Almost all transactions are processed by computers and other technologies. One of the most loved technology is the smartphone. Smartphones like the iPhone created Apple can do multiple tasks with ease. Iphones are now dominating the smartphone market around the globe. Don’t you know that there are many […]

In The Near Future, You Can Fully Charge Your Phone In Just 5 Seconds – Pretty Cool

The advancement of technology has been drastically changed upward compared from its past. Today, in short periods of time, researchers can now discover new things for the good of all. One of the major technological success today is the innovation of smartphones. Almost all of us have one, right? But, there’s a big problem with […]

This Could Be The Ultimate Solution For The Not-So-Loud Speaker Of Your Smartphone..Well, Just Thank Me Later…

Nowadays, in the invasion of smartphones, almost all the things can be done using it. You can do multi-tasking. Apart from that, being music lovers, it’s a great ease to listening to your favorite music while doing other things in your phone like surfing the net. But, how about when you wanted to use the […]

This Is How You Make A Selfie Stick By Yourself…Just Thank Me Later…

“Wait, let me take a SELFIE!” Well, that’s now a very famous word in today’s generation, the “selfie”. As we all know, a selfie is just taking a picture of yourself using, commonly with a phone. Selfies are are taken seriously that smartphone manufacturers are creating phones that are mostly dedicated to “selfie addicts”. Are […]

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