Did You Know That Being Lazy Could Be A Good Thing? – Find It Now Why, Or Maybe Next Time?

We all know that we need to work and move in order to gain benefits like compensation and experience. But, how about when someone is lazy? Being lazy means, you are declining a certain task even though you can actually do it. But, according to the video below, being lazy is actually a desire of being efficient and conserving energy.

As the video explains, for example, a smartphone is not a need before, but we want things to be easier; even though we have laptops to surf the Internet,etc., we still chose a more portable one. Then a wise mind created the smartphone because of our “laziness” then made billions out of it.

Now, here’s an intriguing explanation on how does being lazy becomes good to some. Watch and listen to the video carefully.

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(h/t: DNews )

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