Learn How To Turn Off An iPhone Feature That Could Shock You With Your Bill – This Would Save You Money…

In today’s technological age, most of us have an electronic device in our hands. One of the technologies that are invading our lives right now are smartphones. Smartphones like the iPhone are commonly used for communication, leisure, photography and many more. It is also beneficial for connecting to the Internet even in remote areas using data plans. These data plans are provided by communication networks and may cost for some.

But, a new feature in the new iOS9 can cost you more than you need for your plan; the Wifi Assist which will automatically switch you to 4G/3G if it thinks the WiFi you’re using is too slow. So, you’re on a limited data plan, expect for a SHOCKING bill.

Here’s what to do:
1. Go to Settings
wifi assist1

2. Next, open “Cellular” or “Mobile Data
wifi assist2

3. Scroll up to the bottom, then Unchoose the “Wifi Assist” button. Done!
wifi assist3

Watch the video below for the tutorial on how to turn off WiFi Assist to control and lessen the data plan bill.

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