What Come Around, Goes Around: This Is Really Funny!

For student’s this is typical game to fool around. Yes, students’ usually do it for the sake of fun, yet just make sure that you can’t be caught or else you will suffer like him. What she did in return is extremely hilarious. As the famous Karma theme, what comes around goes around so beware […]

When Karma Strikes, It Strikes The Best Way – So Hilarious

People love to do things that can really be fun. Some people will do certain things to friends like pranks. Pranks are meant to trick a person and make fun with him or her. But sometimes, pranks comes back to the prankster himself so better be careful pulling up a prank. This is what happened […]

Careless Driver Who Speeds Off Slippery Road Gets Instant Unusual Karma.

Every day, authority would record and report numbers of road incidents anywhere in the world. Road incidents could happen anytime especially when the reckless drivers go out of their garage and take the streets like kings. Perhaps, karma is just the result of being too irresponsible in driving along the streets after overtaking other vehicles […]

Having A Bad Day? Look First In These People..You Might Say You’re A Bit Fortunate Than Them..

In this life that we have, there’s no one in this world that could say that he didn’t have a bad day ever. Who can say that? From young and old, to the rich and poor, everybody undergoes a bad day. Some say it’s bad luck, karma, or just circumstances, but in the end, we’ll […]

These 30 Hilarious GIF’s Show How Instant Karma Hits Back. #26 Got Me Laughing Way Too Hard!

In every action, there is a corresponding reaction; therefore, karma¬†is the result of those previous actions which have to be manifested accordingly. It simply means¬†means action and reaction. It refers to the entire cycle of action and its consequences. When you say karma, it’s just like saying “what you sow, you reap” or “what goes […]

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