They Filmed What’s Happening Outside A Coffee Shop. But, They Were Surprised To See This.

Being a homeless is not easy. They struggle every day finding a place to sleep in and descent food to eat. They sometimes beg for a little help, but often rejected. But after seeing this video, you might realize something. SoFlo partnered with a coffee owner who fed her dog three times a day outside […]

How This Guy Treated This Veteran Will Break Your Hearts Into Tears, Such Kindness…

There is nothing noble to do than to help someone in need. Helping doesn’t mean you will give money to people but rather give to them what they really needed. This is what a guy named Max Zahir have done when he saw a homeless man in a gas station in Redlands, California. The man […]

You’ll Be Surprised And Tear Up To Know What Happened After This Man Asks Money From Homeless People

We give something when we have more than enough to share to others. But sometimes, when we have not had anything to give, we can’t be able to reach our hand to help (very ironic). Homeless people obviously don’t have much with them. They don’t have a good place to stay with and yet, they […]

This Homeless Man Only Walks Backwards While Strangely Writes Something On His Notebook

Every day, we encounter people we don’t personally know and those people sometimes do things unusual for us to see because it is strange to think why they’re doing it. We can’t walk backwards, right? But have you ever seen someone doing it every day as he walks on the street? I beat that would […]

This Man Fells In Front Of The Crowd And What They Did Was Suprising

It is really easy for us to judge the character of each person through their appearance, but there are also people who love to know the person first before judging them. Are you one of the guys who like helping and doing good deeds for the homeless people? If you are, here is a video […]

This Magician Dressed Up Like Santa Claus To Grant The Wishes Of The Homeless People

Christmas is the time to share our blessings not only to our family, friends and special someone, we can also give something special to other strangers by greeting them “Merry Christmas”. We all love seeing magic tricks on public places done by some illusionists; they often amaze us because of their impossible tricks. If you […]

These Homeless People Are Asked On What They Wanted For Christmas. Their Answers Will Really Touch Your Hearts

We all know and consider Christmas as best time of giving and receiving. It is also the time when we can spend most of our time with our loved ones because of a long vacation, a Christmas vacation for instance. And actually, all of us want to be just Christmas time everyday. Somehow, it may […]

This Magician Is Not Just Good In Doing Magic, But He’s Also Good In Touching People’s Heart

Performers like magicians or illusionists really gets our attention so quickly once they are doing some outstanding tricks on public places. Who do you think is the best street magician ever? If you love watching magic tricks online, I’m pretty sure this guy on the video is familiar to you. This magician is Daniel Fernandez; […]

This 60-Second Video Will Change How You Think About Helping.

Some people would only choose the person whom they wanted to help. The sad thing is, they tend to help those who looks presentable than those who looks needy like the homeless. They would help those who are in their businessman suit because they are expecting something in return while they reject the poor ones […]

Homeless People Of New York Got Their Free Haircut From This Kind-Hearted Hair Stylist. How Inspiring!

Do you even consider doing something for others without expecting any return? Have you tried serving strangers wholeheartedly without thinking any profit? If you did, you’re awesome and deserve applause! Like you, there are also strangers out there who commit themselves in working for the happiness of everybody else- a person who never thinks of […]

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