Fascinating Gemstone Seems To have A Hidden Colorful Galaxy Inside It – Truly Amazing

There are so much on this world that will always amaze us. We might find the riches of the planet really attractive. No wonder, diamond, gold, and other precious stones and minerals are being dug up the ground. Gemstones are among these amazing naturally formed things. Have you ever seen a gemstone that looks like […]

World’s Largest 360° Panorama Of The Great Barrier Reef Installed In Germany Will Truly Leave You Breathless – Just Wow…

The world, especially the ocean, has so much to amaze us and leave us breathless. One of the world’s and Australia’s beautiful reef is the Great Barrier Reef. But, in Germany, you don’t have to schedule a flight to the Land Down Under. Instead, just go to Leipzig, Germany where the world’s largest 360° panorama […]

Artist Transforms Scrap Keys And Coins Into Incredibly Fascinating Artworks…You’ll Wish To Have One, Too

Art is the expression of your appreciation to the beauty of creation and what your mind tells. There is no specific rule to make art. You can use anything and make them beautiful forms of art. This is what an artist from Horsham, Victoria, Australia named Michael aka Moerkey have done with scrap keys and […]

When These Girls Opened Their Mouths And Started Singing, The Whole Crowd Was Left In Awe…

A lot of talents and skills have surprised the world throughout the years. Some just conquered the world with their music and made millions by doing multi-platinum albums sold and sold-out concerts. We can even see talents just outside the streets. Still, they’re so amazing. Chorals are famous in schools where students were trained and […]

Ed Sheeran Sweetly Crashes Wedding, Performs ‘Thinking Out Loud’ On The Couple’s First Dance

It’s nice to have that wonderful wedding you always dream of and what’s even nicer is the ceremony of you and your special someone sharing the love on the altar. Matt Debono always wanted to give that to his partner Kya but he’s hopeless because he runs out of money after his mother’s funeral. However, […]

Quokka Selfie: The Cutest Trend In Australia That Will Steal Your Heart

I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the trend ‘selfie’ or known as a self-portrait addicted by humans, of course. But do you even know that animals also love this style of photography? Yes! Meet our happy-looking marsupial Quokka, a wild rodent and a native from Australia who loves to do some selfie along with […]

This Is A Lyrebird And It Can Imitate Different Kinds Of Sounds

Animals have unique characteristics like us humans, and like us, they can do something unbelievable. If we humans can do some tricks with our tongue to make some sounds, animals can do it like birds. Lyrebird is one of them. It has the ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds they can hear around them […]

Man Unbelievably Catches Mud Crabs With His Bare Hands Only

Looking for food is extremely difficult, most especially if you’re hunting for some animals living in the wild like sea creatures and large animals found in unexpected areas like crabs on mud. Crabs are well, delicious and palatable kind of meat, but catching them isn’t that easy since they have claws that may hurt your […]

Rare ‘Prehistoric’ Shark Species Found In Australian Waters, A Terrifying ‘Living Fossil’

What would you feel if you found something so terrifying? For sure you’ll be in shock like what fisherman named David Guillot in Australia felt when he and his group pulled up their nets and found an unusual shark species we’ve never heard of before. This is what they’ve found- a scary ‘sea monster’ which […]

This Cozy Kitchen Is Covered With Yarn, Made By 50 People For An Art Gallery

Art can be fused in so many things our eyes can see. It is everywhere and people who are artistic enough incorporate art whenever they pleases to like what 50 people who are knitters did to a kitchen in Ausralia. The kitchen you’re about to see is exemplary beautiful- from the floor to utensils, everything […]

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