Fascinating Gemstone Seems To have A Hidden Colorful Galaxy Inside It – Truly Amazing

There are so much on this world that will always amaze us. We might find the riches of the planet really attractive. No wonder, diamond, gold, and other precious stones and minerals are being dug up the ground. Gemstones are among these amazing naturally formed things.

Have you ever seen a gemstone that looks like it has a galaxy or nebula inside it? The gemstone that we’re talking about is the Boulder Opal Stones. These stones normally originate in Australia. According to Blazepress, “It is formed when silica compound has water in it, penetrating the rock and depositing opal in its cracks, the contrast that is then created between the host rock and the opal trapped inside really is beautiful”.

Here are photos of the incredibly looking Boulder opal stones that you will surely love having.











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(h/t: Blazepress )

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