World’s Largest 360° Panorama Of The Great Barrier Reef Installed In Germany Will Truly Leave You Breathless – Just Wow…

The world, especially the ocean, has so much to amaze us and leave us breathless. One of the world’s and Australia’s beautiful reef is the Great Barrier Reef. But, in Germany, you don’t have to schedule a flight to the Land Down Under. Instead, just go to Leipzig, Germany where the world’s largest 360° panorama of the Great Barrier Reef.

The installation was created by Yadegar Asisi. Spanning about 3,500 square meters and stands at 32 meters high, this gigantic installation will surely amaze every visitor.

Now, here are some images of the world’s largest 360° panorama of The Great Barrier Reef in Germany. Incredibly awesome!








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(h/t: Blazepress )
Images by : Tom Schulze

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