30 Mind-blowing Photographs Of Architecture In The Norwegian Countryside

30 Mind-blowing Photographs Of Architecture In The Norwegian Countryside

Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people. Boredpansa.com compiled these photos that showcase the beautiful and fairy-tale architecture of Norway. Here are the mind-blowing Photographs of architecture in the Norwegian … Read more

Truly Satisfying Architectural Work That Will Just Simply Amaze You…

Since the start of age, people have been building different infrastructures and architectures. These comprise castles, churches, bridges, and many more. Today, architecture is just building more sophisticated and massive infrastructures. Well, the beauty of architecture is sometimes not given importance and attention. A photographer named Roland Shainidze loves taking photos of city and urban … Read more

Manhattan-based Architect Marc Kushner Aims To Influence The Public To Rethink The Buildings Where They Spend Their Lives

Manhattan-based architect Marc Kushner whose work aims to influence the public to rethink the buildings where they spend their lives, says “Rather than moving from style to style, architecture is entering an age of wild experimentation and a return to hyperlocal solutions. Every selfie that someone snaps in front of a building, every comment someone … Read more

To Visit and Stay In All 25 Unique Architectural Masterpiece is a Dream Come True. Spending my Days in Building #8 And #24. Wow! Fulfilling!

Architects are often dubbed as one of the most artistic people on Earth, they were able to make the most unusual and interesting looking structures most art lover would loved to visit. Each architectural masterpiece had its own unique way of presentation. Just looking at the picture will surely entice someone to experience and visit … Read more