Watch How This Cute Kid React After Seeing His Christmas Present

Kids really love being given by presents especially during Christmas; they really feel great once their wish is being granted by their parents. Have you ever received a Christmas gift that you really hated when you were little? What did you feel after receiving the gift? If you love seeing cute and funny videos of kids, here is a video that will surely make your Christmas day merrier.

This video was uploaded by the channel America’s Funniest Home Videos on YouTube where you can find the cutest and funniest kids’ videos. In this video, you’ll about to see how this cute little girl reacted after seeing a Christmas present given by her mom.

Her sister enjoyed the bike given to them, but it seems that she hated it and shouted “I don’t want a bicycle, I want a lipstick”. Have you ever seen your little kid doing like this before? Some would get irritated but other will find it cute, how about you?

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Watch How This Cute Kid React After Seeing His Christmas Present

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