What Come Around, Goes Around: This Is Really Funny!

For student’s this is typical game to fool around. Yes, students’ usually do it for the sake of fun, yet just make sure that you can’t be caught or else you will suffer like him. What she did in return is extremely hilarious. As the famous Karma theme, what comes around goes around so beware […]

Who Ate All The Biscuits? — The Complicity Of These Dogs Will Crack You Up!

It is very impossible for dogs to stay out of trouble! In fact, getting into trouble is part of their daily life, and is actually a way for them to get their owner’s attention especially if they think that they are not receiving enough. Consequently, when there are two of them, then hilarious things are […]

What’s Hiding Behind This Secret Door Is Really Shocking — Watch Out!

We have seen a lot of funny videos that are now making the internet world even more lively, and one of those videos that have really caught a lot of attention is this video titled, “OMG!!!! NGANONG HADLOK KAAYO SI SNAKE PRINCESS?” You might find this video so mean, but this is a sure thing […]

You Won’t Try Getting Things That Aren’t Yours Upon Seeing This – A Must See

It is really a bad thing getting the things that aren’t yours, right? Well, but there are still people who doesn’t mind that at all. What’s important is getting that specific thing. That’s why, pranksters used this mindset to trick people. Guys from the TwinzTV used unattended bikes setup in the streets. These bikes are […]

Baby Girl Seems To Love The Blow Dryer – So Cute To Watch

Children are just curious with their surroundings. No wonder how many times they would ask for something in a day. But, that’s a good sign. That only means that they wanted to know about something. Their curiosity on things could be funny at times just like this baby girl in the video posted by the […]

Husband Kept On Pranking His Wife Having Her Take The ‘Forever Pose’ – So Hilarious And Lovely…

Relationships are really amazing! Do you agree with that? When you spend time together with your loved one, it’s really turns to be a magical moment. Oftentimes, you’ll be very playful with your girlfriend/boyfriends by doing jokes and pranks. This is what a guy in the video shared by the Youtube Channel Go Periscope wherein […]

Kid Struggling With Hiccups Sings The Australian National Anthem – This Could Be The Greatest Rendition Ever Made…

Every nation has its own anthem that speaks about itself. Citizens take pride singing their national anthem. One can actually feel the patriotism. Every singer needs to take care of their voice every time. But, there will always be times when one will have a difficult time. This is what happened to a 7-year-old boy […]

Real Life ‘Tom and Jerry’ Caught On Cam In Russia – Hilarious As Usual…

During our childhood days, we used to watch hilarious cartoons on TV. One of the greatest is the cartoon, “Tom and Jerry” by Hanna-Barbera. The story of this cartoon is about Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse wherein Tom does everything just to catch Jerry. Sometimes, they become friends but, Tom can’t still catch […]

Hilarious Drive Thru Magic Swap Prank Shocked Drive Thru Crews – Pretty Clever Too…

There are a lot of things that make us wonder and may surprise us at times. Magic tricks and pranks are some of them. Now, user MagicofRahat have done a very funny and clever drive thru prank where he and his partner swap while their order is being prepared. The reactions of the crew in […]

Simple Objects That Could Bring A Smile In You – They Just Look Like Faces Of People…

Our imagination is not limited with what we knew and see. Imagination can go beyond horizons that are now yet known to man. That’s why we have different perceptions and opinions on what we are seeing. There are many things in this world that can has two or more meanings in them. That what the […]

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