16 Best Bicycles That Can Get You On A Great Road Experience

One peculiar part of passing through the childhood and teenage part is learning how to ride a bicycle without a balancer. Though there are those who were not permitted to ride the two-wheeled vehicle, most who know how to drive a bike love doing so. Biking, may it be under the sun or the light […]

You Won’t Try Getting Things That Aren’t Yours Upon Seeing This – A Must See

It is really a bad thing getting the things that aren’t yours, right? Well, but there are still people who doesn’t mind that at all. What’s important is getting that specific thing. That’s why, pranksters used this mindset to trick people. Guys from the TwinzTV used unattended bikes setup in the streets. These bikes are […]

Unbelievable Motorcycle Riding, Doing It Rear View…

The modes of transportation of today had really changed significantly. We can now go to different places in the world fast by riding vehicles of any kind. Travelling with a vehicle is really good because you can enjoy the views of the surroundings as you pass by a certain place. One of the most common […]

Incredible : This BMX Biker Backflips In The Air 4 Times…Sets Record…

We, human beings, are separated from other animals because of what we can do. We have the ability to reason that’s why we can do amazing things in this world. People can learn different things with practice and training. Sometimes, we defy the forces of nature with what we do. Meet Jed Mildon. A New […]

This Loyal Dog Guards Its Human’s Bike And Knows How To Ride At His Back When They’re Ready To Go

We clearly know the fact that dogs are man’s best friend and we have witnessed how this was proven by many of us and our dear, lovable paws. Unlike humans, dogs were able to save us from attacks, emergencies, serve as our friend and continues to be loyal. I know you’re familiar with guard dogs […]

Burn Your Fats Through These Latest Walking Bike Invention

Since some of us likes to burn some fats in our body, this latest and newest invention will definitely help you on how to burn it in the fastest and easiest way. This latest walking bike invention has a double purpose, because while riding on it you can also burn the fats in your body […]

People Create A Jet Bicycle

With the use of modern technology, our world innovates through creating inventions for making life easier. Everything has changed not all because of modern technology, but also because of the people creating stuff to make their own mark. No one could stop this generation,there will be full of machines and we need to accept we’re […]

Beleive It Or Not, This “Cardboard Bike” Is Eco-Friendly And Waterproof

There are a lot of inventions nowadays that impress us because of its awesome use, the genius people who made these devices and gadgets possible are really intelligent. One of the most awesome inventions that were created by humans is the bicycle; there are a lot of cool bikes with different features that often amaze […]

Here’s The All-In-One Bike And Baby Stroller

Stroller is really helpful when it comes to carrying a child or babies when they are learning to walk. Indeed, this is really helpful for busy parents. On the other hand, since we are already living in a technology era, we can’t deny the fact that there are really lots of inventions that are invented […]

Watch How This Cute Kid React After Seeing His Christmas Present

Kids really love being given by presents especially during Christmas; they really feel great once their wish is being granted by their parents. Have you ever received a Christmas gift that you really hated when you were little? What did you feel after receiving the gift? If you love seeing cute and funny videos of […]

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