Thinking of Useless Stuff Learn this Life Hacks & Tips, Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems

Life Hacks is the terms used by most netizens on helpful tips that are commonly shared online, some of them became viral, most people shared the importance of a useless object as what other people would think.

There are things that makes our lives easier but most people neglected their uses after they served their main purpose. Some people uses their imagination and resourcefulness to make use the things most often neglected by the majority.

The following list of low-budget tips and tricks will surely help you organize and de-clutter your space, prolong and preserve your products or just simply teach you something you’ve never learned before.

Thinking of Useless Stuff Learn this Life Hacks & Tips You Will be Surprise.

How to Remove a Strawberry Stem: Maybe this is the reason why strawberries are similar to a straw.

Uses of Strew

Use Walnut to remove blemishes: Rub a walnut on scratches in your favorite wood furniture pieces to make those blemishes disappear.

Uses of Walnut

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Use of Rubber Band in Painting

Rubber Use in Paints

Nail Polish: Your Nail Polish is Useful to Mark Your Keys

Nail Polish Key Identifier

How to Save Ink During Printing: Print in Times New Roman, you will get 100 more pages out of a cartridge compared to heavier fonts like Arial and Verdana.

Saving Ink

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iPhone or iPod Amplifier: You can put your device into a bowl because it will amplify the speaker for better sounds.


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Uses of Toothpaste Aside from Brushing: Your toothpaste can keep your headlights clean and sparkly.

Toothpaste Use

Other Uses of Hair Clip: Use a hair clip to organize long wires, it will eliminate the constant tangling by using a small hair clip to keep wires straight. This kind of solution is even easier to use than rubber bands.

Hair Clip for Wire

Don’t Throw Away Old Cassette Tapes: Revive your old cassette tapes as an iPhone or Smartphone holder.

Cassette cases uses

Be Prepared for Disasters: Keep your important document in a ziplock bag.

Ziplock for safety

Paper Clips are not only for Paper it can be use for Wires also.

Paper Clips

 Chewing Gums is the Answers for Cutting Onions Problems.

Cut Onions

 Clean Up Your Shower by Using Vinegar

Shower techniques

Dental Floss is the Perfect Solution for Perfect Cutting.

Cutting Cakes

Tips on How to Fold Like a Ninja. 

Making Ninja Folds

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