When This Guy’s Imagination Turned Into Reality, the Result was Incredible. Look What He’s Got!

Steve Areen is not your typical builder. He was once a flight attendant who served Delta Airlines for quite a long time. He also loves traveling and sharing these wondrous experiences through his website.

When Steve Areen saw the creative works of his friend, he thought of building his own dream house. With only $9,000 and 6 weeks, he has established an exceptional dwelling in a mango farm in Thailand that would surely leave everyone in awe.

Steve started with his traced circle for the foundation of his house.


He used locally-made blocks and clay bricks to build the home which only cost him about $6,000.

Hands-on Steve

Furnishings and further detailing added another $3,000 to the total cost.

Dome in the Making

The entire dome home accumulated a total cost of approximately $9,000 – surprisingly cheap for this kind of construction.

Steve Areen

The site is so peaceful… a perfect place to unwind.

Living Room

Lights covered by baskets with coconut shell base that project a unique light pattern.

Dining Room

The bathroom is jungle-like and the shower at the center is a made of a round stone mosaic.


The bathroom sink also looks natural with its bamboo waterfall faucet.

Bamboo Faucet

Staying in this bedroom would make you feel so relaxed.


The house also features a gazebo built on top of the bedroom dome with stairs leading up…


And a relaxing pool to look at the back of the property.

Relaxing Pool

Upon seeing the product of his imagination, Steve plans to build another in Oregon.

Dome Home

Since Steve loves to travel, he decided to make his dome home available for “Dome Stays”.

So, if you wish to get off the beaten tourist track and experience rural Thai life, while living in a wonderful dome home, check out Mr. Steve Areen’s website.

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