Put Away That Phone For Some Time – Or be Like This – Must See For All

how your phone affects you

In today’s world, technology has really changed the way people like. Things went easier and more efficient. But, there are also bad effects and habits that have been developed. Many children often stay indoors and also adults just sticking in their gadget – smartphone, laptop, computer, and more. This really limits the “real world” relationships. … Read more

How is Your Phone Changing You? Must Watch!

Cellphone is the leading electronic product today. Out of 7 billion people in the world, roughly 6 billion individuals have cellphone which comes in different variants and brand. But how mobile devices actually changing you? Watch the video below courtesy of AsapSCIENCE: This video shows how cellphone changed the world as well as the life … Read more

Introducing…the Batman-Inspired Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung launched a Batman-inspired flagship of its series Galaxy S7 Edge. The new Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition inspired by DC Super Hero Batman was unveiled on May 26, 2016. However, the tech giant is yet to announce if the latest edition of S7 edge is already available on stores worldwide. The Batman-inspired S7 edge … Read more

This Is Not Your Average Selfie Stick. You Need To See Why.

Selfie sticks are invented to make taking selfies and group photos easier. For sure, people who have nice phone cameras have selfie sticks or also known as monopod. Ordinary selfie sticks have only shutter button, but this one is really something. This selfie stick is different. It has a shutter button also, but it’s stell … Read more

Self Stirring Mug is Definitely What Coffee Lovers Ever Wanted

Drinking coffee has been part of our daily routine especially on mornings. However, after long hours of sleep, we tend to lost lots of energy. Getting ready is too tiring, even preparing your meals is so hard to handle. Take a look on the GIF image below. This is what coffee lovers ever wanted. After … Read more

Genius Man Created His Own Touchscreen Mirror And It’s Amazing

Most devices today are touchscreen. From cellphones to television, touchscreen is always available. Well, it’s easy to use and it does not require that energy unlike from using keypads. But what’s next? One man just created his own touchscreen mirror and it’s own homemade. You’ve probably seen this on fiction movies and now, it’s real. … Read more

This New Smartphone App Has The Capacity to Detect Body Odor In Seconds

NIVEA collaborated with Vietnamese advertising agency Happiness FCB to develop an app that has the capacity to detect body odor in seconds. NOSE, an app created by popular Germany-based skin care product company functions as an “electronic nose” that is programmed to do sniffing in odorous parts of our body especially armpits. However, in order … Read more