Surprising Health Benefits Of Cinnamon That You Should Know!

Surprising Health Benefits Of Cinnamon That You Should Know!

Cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet. Research have found out that this delicious spice has many potential health benefits that of spicing things up! It’s pretty impressive not just of its famous flavor and aroma but also with its surprising health benefits. There’s a good reason that cinnamon … Read more

Baker Creates Cakes That Look Like Junk Foods And Others

unexpected cake designs

There are lots of cake designs that really attracts anyone to devour even a slice of them. Make bakers are learning how to make a cake not only taste good but also how to make it look appealing. But, a self-taught baker named Laura Loukaides has made her own version of cakes that looks like not … Read more

15 Must-Try Foods In Bangkok, #10 Is Very Delicious!


Every place has its own pride or specialty when it comes to foods. These foods are most likely considered as the ‘must-try foods’. Do you know that there are 15 foods that every tourist should try upon visiting Bangkok, Thailand? Aside from Bangkok being a home of prestigious coffee shops that exhibit great concepts, the … Read more

16 Metabolism-Boosting Foods That Your Body Needs


Aside from the vitamins we usually take, our bodies also need metabolism-boosting foods in order for its digesting speed to achieve an effective rate. Do you know that there are really specific foods which are boosters of metabolism? Most of them can just be bought in a market or a grocery store. Too slow metabolism is … Read more