15 Must-Try Foods In Bangkok, #10 Is Very Delicious!

Every place has its own pride or specialty when it comes to foods. These foods are most likely considered as the ‘must-try foods’. Do you know that there are 15 foods that every tourist should try upon visiting Bangkok, Thailand?

Aside from Bangkok being a home of prestigious coffee shops that exhibit great concepts, the place also offers a lot of delicious foods that are most likely sold in Bangkok only. If you get the chance to visit Bangkok, don’t forget to have a taste of these 15 foods.

Here is the list of the 15 must-try foods in Bangkok.

1. Sweet Potato Balls (Kanom Kai Nok Krata)


2. Pandan Sweetmeat (Kanom Krok Bai Toey)


3. Crispy Pancake (Kanom Bueang)


4. Grilled Honey Roast Pork (Moo Yang)


5. Fried Banana Pancake (Roti Gluay)


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