30 Unique Cosplay Photography All Around The World


In today’s generation, Cosplay art is already taking the whole world by storm.

Through imagination, we can create art. Through art, we can change the dark side of the world.

Almost thousands of conventions of the world host contest celebrating the dedication and handwork of the artists and inventive ways of designers in Cosplay Contest.

The Cosplayers are judged based from their overall appearance, material used, and how the props/ accessories are designed.

Good example of this is the 38-year-old Austrian photographer, who is fascinated by the Cosplay creation of alter egos through costumes, including the imitation of fictional characters .

He photograph these Cosplayers in their respective home to unravel the beauty of this fictional characters in the reality.

Here are some of his works and examples of the cosplay all around the world.


30 Unique Cosplay Photography All Around The World

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