Dream About Flying – What Does This Mean?

What does it mean to dream about flying? Here are the different interpretations.

DREAM ABOUT FLYING – We dream and these events that happen in the head while sleeping may or may not hold a secret but this is what flying means in dreams.

Have you experienced soaring weightlessly through the air in your dreams lately?

This is one of the common dreams people have experienced and this comes with different interpretations. Although dreams are mysterious, some experts have come up with different meanings and interpretations as these actually vary depending on what happens in your dream, what you feel, and who you see.

We may think flying in dreams is kind of fun and liberating but looking at it a little further holds deeper meaning.

These are the different interpretations:

  • Desire For Escape
    There’s this feeling of true freedom and this freedom could mean freedom from a lot of things like struggles of your life or your negative emotions.
  • Power
    This could represent the thing missing in your life or suffering from being powerless.
  • Brand New Perspective
    This could be your ability to see things from a new perspective. This can give a hint on things that need to be seen from a new perspective.
  • Superiority Complex
    This is what it means when you feel like you are unstoppable while flying. This hints about your feelings being better than everyone else.
  • Strength
    This could signify your strength in overcoming obstacles.
  • Desire for Change
    This may reflect your desire for change or need for a fresh perspective and new experiences.

Generally, flying in dreams represents freedom from something, willpower, hope, and a lightness of being.

Biblically, this means empowerment and success. On the other hand, it can be associated with negative factors like an act of cowardice as you are trying to escape from real-life situations. 

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