Most Remote Inhabited Places In The World

There are still people who love to stay in these most remote inhabited places

Most Remote Inhabited Places – These islands are beautiful and indeed inhabitable but the place where they are located can blow your mind.

  1. Amsterdam Island, France – In 1871, the first attempt to inhabit the island was made. 25 researchers are living on the island. The population of Amsterdam Island Cattle had grown to over 2,000 by 2008. However, the cattle were slaughtered in 2010 because they damaged the ecosystem drastically, based on the article in Medium.
  2.  St. Helena, UK – It was discovered in 1502 by the Spanish and it had no inhabitants at that time. Today, it is administered by Britain along with the Islands Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Currently, the place has 4,534 population.
  3. Svalbard, Norway – The islands were used as whaling bases during the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Second World War, the Nazis built a weather station on the islands. Currently, the island has 2,667 population.
  4. Diego Garcia, UK – Today, the island has a population of 4,239. Chagossians have been living in Diego Garcia since the 1700s. They came from French African colonies.
most remote inhabited places

5. Île de la Possession, France – It is part of the Subantarctic Crozet Archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean. Currently, the island is inhabited by 26 people.

6. Laurie Islands, Antarctica – It is home to the world’s oldest Antarctic weather station, the Orcadas Weather Station. This is also home to 28 people.

7. Raoul Island, New Zealand – It is a very active volcanic island and because of this, earthquakes would often occur here. Apparently, 10 researchers are only living in the said place.

8. Trindade Island, Brazil – This island was discovered by Vasco De Gama’s cousin Estêvão in 1502. Currently, there are 32 people living there.

9.  Tristan da Cunha, UK – Right now, there are 293 people living in this place. It was named after Tristan da Cunha, the Portuguese explorer who discovered the island in 1506.

10.  Pitcairn Island, UK – It is known as the home to Bounty Mutineers. The island is now inhabited by 49 people.

most remote inhabited places

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