Chester Bennington Of Linkin Park Dies At 41 With Suicide As Suspected Cause

Linkin Park had several concerts already around the world with Chester Bennington being the rock band’s lead vocalist. Some of the places where they had performed are New York, Texas, Germany, and United Kingdom.

The world was undeniably shocked with the death of the music legend and lots of music enthusiasts were left grieving over the loss of one of the most talented personality in the field of music. Social media platforms now are flooded with tributes for the rock band’s late lead vocalist.

29. This photo of Chester Bennington was taken in 2008.

Chester Charles Bennington
Source: Wikipedia /

30. This is a screenshot from one rock band’s ‘Shadow of the Day’ music video. The said music video was directed by Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn.

Chester Bennington Music Video Shadow of the Day

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