MUST-SEE: The Best Experiences You Might Be Enjoying If Computers Weren’t Made

A world apart from the gift of technology shown in photos.

The invention of computer is undeniably one of the things that greatly changed the world. People who are on their 50’s and beyond now could really testify as to how big the impact of its discovery is.

Computers did not only change the world with the way we people do our research works nor how we communicate to others who are hundreds of miles away from us. It changed even the way we see and live our lives.

Nowadays, most homes have living rooms with people seating on the sofa, holding their phones, and swiping on its screens rather than talking to each other. There is an undeniable fact that communicating with people who are in other places became easier than talking to the ones whom we often see in person.

Another noticeable effect of the impact of computer can be seen a few hours before the sun will set. Every afternoon, the streets now aren’t anymore filled with kids playing outdoor games. Many of today’s generation woke up in a world wherein games are downloaded from the online store and fun comes from pressing and swiping the keyboard or screen.

Most of us have taken computer as one of the necessities in life. Can you imagine what the world will be like without it?

Most likely, thinking about it will bring you scenarios that could lower your shoulders. However, truths be told that we have a beautiful world even without having the screens that bring us to another dimension.

There is actually one mother by the name of Izabela Urbaniak who captured photos of her kids when she looked for a way for them to experience summers without computers. Here are the photos:

Kids Wondering about Red Small Fruit
Photo Credit: zabelaUrbaniak
Little kids on riverbank
Photo Credit: zabelaUrbaniak
Photo Credit: zabelaUrbaniak

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